How To Cook Steaks

how to cook steaks

    how to
  • Practical advice on a particular subject; that gives advice or instruction on a particular topic

  • Providing detailed and practical advice

  • A how-to or a how to is an informal, often short, description of how to accomplish some specific task. A how-to is usually meant to help non-experts, may leave out details that are only important to experts, and may also be greatly simplified from an overall discussion of the topic.

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  • High-quality beef taken from the hindquarters of the animal, typically cut into thick slices that are cooked by broiling or frying

  • A thick slice of such beef or other high-quality meat or fish

  • A steak (from Old Norse '''', "roast") is a cut of meat (usually beef). Most steaks are cut perpendicular to the muscle fibres, improving the perceived tenderness of the meat. In North America, steaks are typically served grilled, pan-fried, or broiled.

  • (steak) a slice of meat cut from the fleshy part of an animal or large fish

  • (Steak (album)) Steak: Music From The Motion Picture is a 2007 album by Sebastien Tellier, Mr Oizo and SebastiAn. It is the soundtrack to the film directed by Quentin Dupieux (Mr. Oizo).

  • Poorer-quality beef that is cubed or ground and cooked more slowly by braising or stewing

  • someone who cooks food

  • prepare a hot meal; "My husband doesn't cook"

  • English navigator who claimed the east coast of Australia for Britain and discovered several Pacific islands (1728-1779)

  • Heat food and cause it to thicken and reduce in volume

  • Prepare (food, a dish, or a meal) by combining and heating the ingredients in various ways

  • (of food) Be heated so that the condition required for eating is reached

home-cooked steak donburi

home-cooked steak donburi

One of my tasks for the AT cure this week is to cook at home. This is what I made tonight.

How-to: Marinate steak (or fresh tuna) in 2 tablespoons of mirin, 2 tablespoons of soy sauce and 1 tea spoon of sesame oil. Saute and serve on a bed of lettuce on top of Japanese-style rice. Drizzle with hot pan juices and enjoy!

Attempting to cook

Attempting to cook

I suck at cooking. But it looked kinda cool. And it tasted pretty good. It involved some NY Strip Steaks. A lot of minced garlic, mushrooms, and red wine. Don't ask me how to do it again.

how to cook steaks

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